Aga Light


The history of the company dates back to 1989, when it was established as the Solar company. At the beginning, the company started its operation with a two-person team working in a small room and rented garage located in the district of Warszawska Wola. We began our business from the import of Tungsram fluorescent lamps. We managed to develop the distribution of our products to the extent that after two years of our operation, we became the second distributor of lighting systems after Philips on the Polish market. Our sales successes encouraged us to broaden the range of our product offer. We introduced into our product assortment such items as: lighting fittings, electric cables, wires, switches and other electrotechnical ones. As the years went by, the competition became more and more intense. Therefore, we decided to reduce our assortment of electrotechnical products by 2/3 and focus on lighting fixtures and the distribution of lighting fittings instead. Presently we stopped importing lighting fittings and started manufacturing our own ones. In 1994, Aga Light launched on the market the first lighting fittings and become a recognized manufacture of these products owing to both their competitive prices and their high quality. The Aga Light manufacturing plant was founded in Jacentów (the Świętokrzyskie Province) as a state-owned company, which declared bankruptcy. Our manufacturing facilities occupy an area of over 6000 square meters, and our open area occupies 5 ha.

  • Producator de corpuri de iluminat pentru zone medicale, spitale, cabinete medicale, clinici etc.

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